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Martinus´ cosmology or spiritual science is a complete, comprehensive world picture comprising both the physical and the spiritual worlds. It answers all questions about life, death and the mystery of both. It is the most comprehensive revelation of spiritual truth ever disclosed to humankind.

Martinus´ work holds answers to all the “big questions” that we humans have been pondering about for centuries. The answers offered by Martinus are logical and they appeal to our intellect. Most spiritual revelations previously disclosed to us, such as the Bible, were meant to appeal to our feelings. But not the work of Martinus, which nourishes our intellect and sense of logic.

For that reason, the work of Martinus is spiritual nourishment for the scientifically minded, modern human being living in our advanced technological societies. It is spiritual nourishment for modern women and men. It is spirituality exposed to the principles of science. One can also say that it is the true theory of everything.

Martinus´ work explains: reincarnation, life after death, what happens when we die, karma and the science of fate, the existence of a creator, the master plan of life, the mission of darkness and suffering and much much more.

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Martinus at Work

Martinus says that the greatest challenge facing humankind today is to become knowledable about the law of karma. The law of karma decrees that you reap what you sow. When you sow murder, terrorism, mass killings, stealing, deception, infidelity, greed etc. that is what you will reap. It can also be put like this: what you do to others, you do to yourself.

You can never have a happy fate, as long as you disregard the consideration for others and act in very selfish ways. If you kill, you will be killed, if you cheat, you will be cheated, if you steal, you will be stolen from etc. And if you are loving, you will be loved, if you are kind, you will receive kindness, if you help, you will be helped etc.

Your life is a mirror of your actions. The sooner we learn this, the sooner will we be able to stop wars, killings, terrorism and sad fates.

Martinus’ work answers BIG questions like these:

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